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Analyze and quantify your credit union’s impact and performance.

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Quantify your credit union's impact and performance.

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AnalyzeCU is a data consortium and analytics platform that enables credit unions to build insights, benchmarking, awareness and understanding with actionable plans to grow their markets, products, members and social impact.

Through the use of a readily available, standardized data set, we have made data analytics accessible and actionable for all participants of the platform — helping credit unions demonstrate purpose, economic impact, and relevance to the stakeholders they serve.

Community Impact Measurement

Quantify your credit union's impact on the members and communities you serve. AnalyzeCU measures your credit union's impact on: members' financial capabilities, jobs created or sustained, contribution to GDP, and how well you are serving rural and economically distressed communities, either overall or within a specified area.

CDFI & LID Analysis

Track your credit union's progress towards either attaining or retaining a Low-Income Designation or CDFI Certification.

Membership Demographics

Better understand who your members are and who you are not serving in your community by analyzing race & ethnicity, spoken language, income, housing, educational attainment, transportation, healthcare coverage, etc.

Shareable Reports

Export custom reports to help communicate your numbers internally or externally.

Image from a CUCollaborate impact report.
Image from a CUCollaborate impact report.
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AnalyzeCU & ExpandCU

AnalyzeCU and ExpandCU work together to allow you to plot your members and loans on a map — see how exactly how your members are dispersed, show your market share, identify gaps in your service network, and more.

Additionally, if you are looking for the areas you want to serve, the two tools work together to allow you to identify markets with demographics matching your most profitable members or a custom defined demographic you want to target.


Credit union field of membership expansion software.

Expand Your Field of Membership

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Expand Your Field Of Membership

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Explore FOM Expansion Options

ExpandCU, our credit union mapping software, has the NCUA field of membership rules programmed into it, allowing you to make informed expansion decisions. This software includes the requirements for meeting the varying definitions of a well-defined community and the qualifications of underserved areas.

Market and Demographic Information

Our software provides comprehensive demographic information at your fingertips. The software has the following data: Decennial Census, American Consumer Survey, credit union and bank branch locations, a database of every credit union's field of membership, all CO-OP shared branches and ATMs, as well as CFPB and CDFI data.

Site Selection & Service Network Analysis

ExpandCU allows you to easily see how proposed site locations impact field of membership possibilities and includes a proprietary algorithm to identify where to place a branch to maximize field of membership potential.

Shareable Reports

ExpandCU makes it easy for your team to collaborate on different expansion scenarios by allowing you to share and edit saved reports with others on your team.

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ExpandCU Report Builder

ExpandCU has an additional feature only available to consulting clients, which considers billions of different expansion options to make sure your credit union chooses the best possible way to expand. As a result, we can identify field of membership options that no one else can and were previously thought to be impossible.

Learn more about how the software works in this article.

Image from a CUCollaborate impact report.