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Branch/ATM Network Optimization

How Effective Is Your Current Setup?

This comprehensive assessment of your existing distribution network investigates how well it serves members and identifies what strategy changes would enhance the member experience and increase market share (renovate/relocate/close). We also examine growth opportunities by identifying where additional branches or ATMs would be effective, either to fill gaps in the existing footprint or to expand to nearby markets.

Market Expansion Analysis

Where will you expand to next? We leverage geospatial tools to gain a deeper understanding of what new markets have the highest opportunity and are a strategic fit for your credit union. This thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis connects demographics, opportunity, competition, and retail environments to identify intersection-level recommendations for future branch/ATM locations. What sets us apart is our data driven approach.

Relocation Analysis

Are you in the right market, but the wrong building? We evaluate where your current membership lives and where members conduct routine transactions in the market to understand where is most convenient to them. This geocoded data is compared with market opportunity and retail development trends to identify potential branch relocation locations (intersection-level).

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Branch Concept Design

Are you ready for open-concept banking? Renovating an existing branch or building a new one can be daunting. Focusing on layout and traffic flow, we craft a convenient and meaningful experience that enhances your members’ ability to connect, discover, and solve during their way-finding journey. Developing a 2-D floorplan and 3-D conceptual renderings of the custom branch design help decision makers envision how it will look and feel once constructed. Our high-level implementation plan reshapes human capital components and processes to support the new branch design.

Branch Experience Planning

What experience do you want to create in the branch? We collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive plan that defines the choreography for key sales and service interactions. We assess your current staffing configurations and address changes to human capital elements required to ensure the success of the new concept, including writing job descriptions, recruiting strategies, and onboarding. Finally, we deliver on-site skill and behavioral training to support your associates as they deliver an enhanced member experience.