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Partnership Options

CUCollaborate maintains several strategic partnerships with stakeholders across the industry that share our core mission of helping credit unions adapt, grow and succeed.

These partner organizations include credit union leagues, technology providers, advocacy groups and other fintech companies.

Together, we're working to find new and innovative ways to take on the industry's biggest challenges.

Learn more about partnering with CUCollaborate by scheduling a meeting with our Director of Partnerships, Ben Hering at or by clicking the meeting link below!

CU System Partnerships

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We support credit union leagues and associations through Strategic Partnerships by offering advocacy and impact reporting, access to our software, and educational support. Revenue share options are available for referrals of new credit union clients.

Referral Partnerships

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We offer credit union system organizations and third-party vendors referral agreements for sending prospective *new* credit union clients to utilize CUCollaborate's services.

API Partnerships

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We offer API endpoints to enrich your consumer data. Our FOM APIs identify at which credit unions a prospective member is eligible. Our CDFI & LID APIs can define if a consumer lives within an identified Investment Area census tract.

Our Partners

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