credit union Application programming interfaces

APIs for Credit Union Compliance and Impact

Enhance your credit union's performance and social mission with our powerful APIs

Field of Membership (FOM) API

–Determine every credit union a person is eligible to join based on data gathered in an application for a financial product.

–Clarify credit union membership eligibility criteria for a person.

–Ability to define membership eligibility for lives, works, worships, studies, volunteers, retired from, contractor for, and association membership.

–Determine a person’s willingness to join a credit union based on Open Association.

–The incorporated organizational auto search returns predictions about organizations associated with the person.

Low-Income Designation (LID) API

Our LID designation API tells you how the NCUA would count a person towards a credit union’s LID and identifies whether a person lives within a qualifying LID area. The API can also tell you whether the person would count as a student and how the NCUA would value them as a student. Moreover, you can define whether the person would count as a member of the military and how the NCUA would value them as a member of the military.

Community Development Financial Institution Fund (CDFI) Target Market API

Our CDFI Target Market API tells you if a loan falls within one of the CDFI Fund’s Target Markets. Additionally, it shares whether a loan would be within a qualified Investment Area as well as whether a loan would qualify as a Low-Income Targeted Population (LITP) Target Market transaction. You can also find out whether a loan would qualify as an Other Targeted Population (OTP) Target Market transaction.

Emergency Capital Investment Program (ECIP) API

CUCollaborate's ECIP API allows credit unions to determine whether making a loan to a person or a business would meet the definition of Qualified Lending or Deep Impact Lending. This allows credit unions to use this business logic within their own applications, business processes, databases, etc. Most importantly it can be used with partners to direct Qualified Lending and Deep Impact Lending opportunities to your credit union.

Why use our APIs?

–Our APIs are a set of web services that allow you to access and analyze data on credit union compliance and impact.

–Our APIs can also help you monitor your progress, identify opportunities, and report your results to regulators and stakeholders.

–Our APIs are designed to help you save time, money, and resources by automating and simplifying complex tasks.

–Our APIs are based on the latest data and regulations from NCUA, CDFI Fund, Treasury, and other sources.

–Our APIs are secure, reliable, and scalable, and can be integrated with your existing systems and platforms.

How to use our APIs?

–Our APIs are easy to use and require minimal coding skills.

–Our APIs are accessible through a simple RESTful interface and return JSON or XML responses.

–Our APIs are documented with clear and comprehensive instructions and examples.

What are the benefits of our APIs?

–Our APIs can help you improve your credit union's compliance and impact by providing you with accurate and timely information.

–Our APIs can help you enhance your credit union's reputation and trust by demonstrating your commitment to your members and communities.

–Our APIs can help you grow your credit union's membership and lending by expanding your reach and offering more value.

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